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Salsa Dance is a Popular Choice for Students

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Salsa dancing is perhaps one of the most alluring forms of dance to beginners and experienced dancers alike. Salsa has a quick tempo and incorporates movements from a wide range of Latin and western dances, which appeals to many new and experienced dancers. When you learn to salsa dance with the fun and easy system at Twin Cities Arthur Murray Dance Centers you can become a part of a widespread dancing tradition, showcased in nightclubs, and dance festivals all over the world, if you so choose.

Appreciating the Salsa Style

Though Salsa has roots that go back hundreds of years, the dance as we know it today originated in 1970s New York. The city’s Cuban and Puerto Rican communities developed Salsa music as a way of feeling connected with their home cultures, and the dance quickly evolved from the music. Many say that Salsa was partially inspired by hustle and swing dancing, as well as several Afro-Caribbean dance styles.

Tips for Learning to Salsa Dancing
The professional instructors at Twin Cities Arthur Murray will work with you to master the steps of salsa, but there are also some things you can do on your own to further hone your skills and get more out of each class or private lesson.

Watch other dancers – Seeing the live demonstration of what you are trying to learn will help you isolate techniques and break down the movements of salsa dancing. Whether you attend live performances or watch videos, observing what other salsa dancers do will allow you to build your own skills and get inspiration for advancing your move set.

Watch yourself in the mirror – Because dancing is so visual, you will not want to hesitate to watch yourself as you learn and practice different moves. Once you have full routines down, video yourself so that you can further critique and improve your movement. Twin Cities Arthur Murray provide dance instruction that makes salsa, swing, mambo, and tango accessible to dancers at all levels. We have two locations in the Twin Cities area to help you hone your skills, so give us a call at (612) 920-1900 or 651-227-3200 and schedule your first lesson.

Where to Learn

Salsa is an extraordinarily popular dance with a significant presence in every major North American city. Learn how to Salsa dance at Twin Cities Arthur Murray Dance Centers. With two locations you can’t go wrong. Arthur Murray St. Paul and Minneapolis. Our dance studios offers private lessons, group lessons, and practice parties for beginners who are eager to learn the ins and outs of dance.

To schedule your salsa dance lesson with a pro and for more information please call one of our two studios, Minneapolis/Edina 612-920-1900 or St. Paul at 651-227-3200.

Dancing with the Twin Cities Celebrities Charity Ball 2017

Presented by AM Charity Fund and sponsored by Twin Cities Arthur Murray Dance Centers, the 8th annual Dancing with the Twin Cities Celebrities Charity Ball raised over $50,000 for five local charities, earlier this month at the Minneapolis Marriott City Center. 

AM Charity Fund was founded by Lynda Smith, owner of the Twin Cities Arthur Murray Dance Centers, in memory of her late husband who lost his battle with Leukemia. “We are so proud of the money we’ve raised since we started this event eight years ago,” said Lynda Smith, owner of the Twin Cities Arthur Murray Dance Centers. “This is a great partnership where people come togetherto raise money and support local celebrities through the celebration of dance.  We are happy to say that we raised $20,000 for the house charity, The Leukemia Lymphoma Society, this year and over $210,000 for many local charities to date.” 

Congrats to the Dancing with the Twin Cities Celebrities 2017 Winners!

Kim Perry won the Dance for the Cause Championship trophy. She performed the Bolero with her professional dance partner David Browning to the Most Beautiful Girl in the World.  Nicole Middendorf won the Charity Ambassador award for raising the most money for her charity, Care Givers Support Network. Nicole and her partner Scott Skoog got the crowd revved up with their Cha Cha performance to Prince’s signature song, Kiss. “It was a wonderful “liveliest” experience! I am looking forward to my future dance lessons to trim down and continue to boost my confidence and dance abilities”, said Nicole about here experience as a celebrity dancer.

The celebrity lineup included Hans Johnson, Nicole Middendorf, Kim Perry, Jake Travis, and Mark Parrish. 2015 Dance contestant Carla Beaurline, was the Emcee for the event. The judges were former participant Richard Moody, former Dance for a Cause winner Christine Clayburg, and former dance participant and the 2016 Charity Ambassador award winner, Jodi Livon. 

The night consisted of a silent auction, followed by a live auction, a formal dinner and then the anticipated dance competition. The night was closed with a professional show and social dancing for all.

The 2018 Dancing with the Twin Cities Celebrities Gala will take place next June, 2018 at the Minneapolis Marriott. For more information about the Dancing with the Twin Cities Celebrities Charity event and to check out the final scoreboard go to 

Give Mom the Gift of Ballroom Dance this Mother’s Day

It’s time to Celebrate MOM! For all that she does to make everyone else happy, it is time to celebrate her! What better way to do that than with the gift of dance? Here are three great reasons why you should give mom the gift of dance this Mother’s Day:

Moms spend so much of their lives serving others, maybe it is time she does something for herself and becomes the center of attention! When she comes to an Arthur Murray dance class, the focus will be on her! The Dance instructors are there to make sure she feels great and happier every second while she is in the studio. They will help customize a plan that is especially designed for her!


Mom watches the game with you whether she wants to or not. Have you ever thought she secretly wants to be a performer and not a spectator? What’s more is she wants to perform with you! Couples look forward to ballroom dance class because it is something they can do together that is fun and romantic. They can hold each other close, touch and caress one another. As you lead and follow through the steps, you will inevitably rekindle something very special. You could give her flowers, but there is really is no lingering enjoyment once they’re are gone. The essence of dance is timeless.


There are so many health benefits with ballroom dance it is hard to know where to begin. Dance tones muscles and improves joint health, spine alignment, and even your mood. There are many other options to stay fit, but let’s face it, most are boring and do not ignite excitement from within. When was the last time you smiled while you were on the treadmill? You could give her a gym membership or you could give the gift of dance instead. Dance is as natural to the human body as walking or running, but it’s a whole lot more enjoyable!

With these three reasons (and trust us there are many more), why wouldn’t you give mom the gift of ballroom dance this Mother’s Day? If you do, she will always remember it and enjoy her new hobby with a BIG THANKS to you!

Call today and your first lesson is FREE. Arthur Murray has two Twin City locations, Edina at 50TH and France and St. Paul at Selby and Dale.

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