Dance Class

Attending your first dance lesson can be intimidating. Here are our top five steps for having a great time as you “walk in and dance out” of your first class.

Planning For Class

When you sign up for your first class, invite a friend to enroll with you. Having someone to go with, laugh with and dance with makes it easier and more fun. Dancing is a great time to get off your phone, turn off social media and let the stress go.

What To Wear

For your dance lessons, dress in something that is comfortable and you can move in. A dance teacher needs to be able to see your body, therefore leggings, a tank top, yoga pants or a form-fitting long sleeved shirt and sneakers are perfect. As you get better at your preferred style of dance, you can invest in character shoes and dresses.

What To Bring

Dance is exercise. It is important to hydrate as class goes on, so bring some water. A light snack, such as an apple, orange, crackers, energy bar or almonds make for a quick pick-me-up that can help keep your blood sugar from dropping. The better you fuel your body, the more fun you will have.

How To Warm Up

Static stretching should be saved for when class is over and your body is warm. Before class, do a few laps walking or jogging around the parking lot, jump rope, shadow box or do basic ballet moves like plies to warm up. Plan to spend 10 to 15 minutes to get your heart rate up and your body warmed up before the teacher takes the floor for class.

What To Do When Class Is Over

After class is when you can sit for five minutes and do static hamstring, quad, calf and other muscle stretches. If there are any steps that were unfamiliar, ask your teacher for pictures so you can practice them at home. Have some more water to refuel and enjoy the success of your first class before heading out to tackle whatever the day has for you.

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