I wanted to learn how to dance but I didn’t know that making the decision to take Ballroom dance lessons at Arthur Murray would open up a whole new world for me. I am learning new dance steps, making new friends, and becoming familiar with a new vocabulary from the world of dance – Promenade Swivel, Basic Twinkle and Medio Corte, for example.

I was an absolute beginner and started with the basics: Swing, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Waltz, Fox Trot and Tango. Now my repertoire includes several more Latin and Country Western dances and I am working on learning the challenging West Coast Swing. Arthur Murray instructors are fantastic, inspiring and they have endless patience. Everyone on the staff is friendly and helpful. And the curriculum is organized by levels, so students experience a sense of accomplishment advancing from one Bronze level to the next.

The studio offers many different ways for students to train and develop their skills. There are private lessons, group classes, practice parties, special events, master classes, holiday parties and dance competitions. By taking advantage of these opportunities, my dancing is steadily improving and I continue to gain confidence. It stretched my imagination to think I was ready for competitive dancing, but in 2007 I danced in the Newcomer category at the annual Northstar competition. Preparing for a competition is a great motivator for scheduling extra lessons and practice time. This past July, several of us from the Arthur Murray studio went to the Ciao Amore Dance-O-Rama in Venice, Italy. Seven countries were represented at this competition and our Minneapolis team of dancers and instructors made a strong showing. It was thrilling.

Ballroom dancing is enriching my life and improving my posture. Moving to the music is a good way to exercise and stay fit. Dancing is healthy and fun – give it a try.

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