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It can be incredibly intimidating to attend your first dance class. You may be wondering about how people will perceive your moves. It is normal to anticipate that everyone will think you look awkward or cannot keep up with the class. 

The experts of Arthur Murray Dance Centers prepare you for a fun, comfortable, and exciting dance journey. You have a lot to gain by booking a session at any of our operational locations – Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Benefits of booking a dance class


Our studio offers various pricing packages. You can commence the journey by taking a sample class at $35. You can also customize the schedule to merge with your lifestyle and budget range.


Group classes are naturally social. You can attend the course with one or more people if you do not wish to be alone. A solo venture into the course will expose you to students who create a social atmosphere that livens the experience. Starting a dance class is an easy way of forming friendships with people who share your passions.


A good trainer will begin the class by reviewing the last learned moves. The constant reminders will keep you in good shape and ready to take the next level with confidence.

How to prepare for your ballroom dance class

Taking a dance class requires that you be conscious of the environment. You have to be in energetic and visual communication with your dance partner and teacher. This case means that you should be as relaxed and focused as possible. Here are tips that will ease you into your early ballroom dance classes at St. Paul.


The key ingredient of a good learning lesson is keeping an open mind. We can help you pick the best moves if you can keep an attitude that allows you to absorb new skills with ease. Advising yourself against the possibility of gaining new skills will take a toll on your confidence. Stay positive and excited about the next class.


Dance instructors aim to create a non-judgmental environment. You should take advantage and ask questions to improve the learning experience. Our ballroom dance classes in St. Paul do not push you beyond your limit. A fun and enriching experience will include exchanges of learning and clarifying hard steps.


Most people have a fear of not wearing the correct attire to a function. It is more appropriate to wear something comfortable instead of a flattering one that restricts your movement. You do not have to wear the typical ballroom outfit of a tutu and heels, but it is recommendable that you get clothes and shoes that are great for dancing. 

Carry-on items

Our ballroom dance classes in St. Paul allow you to carry more than yourself and a positive attitude. Feel free to bring a drink that energizes your body and calms your nerves. Water is a good option for people of all ages and health conditions. Arthur Murray Dance Centers are happy to accommodate you for an enthralling dance journey.





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