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One of the main reasons people search for a dance studio and ballroom dance lessons in St. Paul, Minnesota is to prepare for an upcoming special occasion such as a wedding or anniversary. At Arthur Murray Dance Center in St. Paul, we can help ease your stress level and get you well on your way to impressing your guests with graceful and elegant dance moves.

Dance lessons for your wedding

At our dance studio, we help engaged couples prepare for their first dance by pairing them with one of our expert dance instructors. We take all of your preferences into account, the style of wedding you’re hosting and then customize a wedding dance that will wow your guests. We encourage couples to book their dance lessons four to six months before the wedding. We know that wedding planning can quickly consume all of the extra energy you have, which is why we urge couples to get a jump-start on their dancing. We also allow you to bring your own music if you already have a song picked out.

Private or Group: Which to choose?

If you’re having difficulty deciding between private or group ballroom dance lessons in St. Paul, Minnesota, our friendly staff will guide you through our program options and get you signed up for classes that will help you learn the dances you want to learn before your big day. If privacy and one-on-one teaching are what you prefer, we can do that. If you want to practice and learn with others on a similar level, we also offer group lessons. By the end of your lessons, we do encourage some form of group class so that you can get a feel for a live audience, similar to what you’ll have at your reception or party.

Gift Certificates

At Arthur Murray Dance Centers, we offer several different gift certificate options that you can give as a gift to your spouse or loved one. With ballroom dance lessons in St. Paul, Minnesota, you’ll be engaged with your partner in an exciting and fun atmosphere. A gift certificate is perfect for a couple or a single person just looking to have some fun. We offer the following as gifts:

  • Introductory Lesson which is a 20-minute sample of a private lesson
  • Introductory dance course which includes one private lesson, one group class, one follow-up lesson, and one practice party
  • An orientation program that includes four private lessons, unlimited group lessons, and unlimited dance parties.

Our gift certificates are not transferable, so we strongly encourage that you give them as gifts to individuals you know will use them.

Finding the right time between busy schedules, wedding or anniversary planning, and other activities can be stressful. That’s why all of our ballroom dance lessons in St. Paul, Minnesota are held in the evenings, giving you time to find a babysitter, pencil us in after dinner or meet up after a long day at work. We’ll help you prepare for your big day and will make sure you have fun doing it!

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