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Couples Who Dance Together, Stay Together!

Four Reasons Ballroom Dance is Perfect in Every Phase of Life Falling in love is perhaps the most exciting thing you will ever experience. That feeling of finding “the one” is something everyone dreams of their entire lives. Being in love is an experience that we wish to hold on to and hope lasts forever. But let’s face it, over time it becomes harder to keep that flame burning bright. Life gets busy. Couples need to find new, fun and

Five Reasons to add Dance Lessons to your Wedding “to do” list

beautiful wedding couple dancing Here are five reasons to add wedding dance lessons to your “to do” list. He asked you the big question and you said “Yes, absolutely! So, what’s next? Everyone knows that there are tons of things that go into planning a wedding. There is the dress, the cake, and of course the venue, just to name a few. Make no mistake, there will be a lot to do. The truth is after years have gone by

Twin Cities Arthur Murray’s Theater Show-The Evolution of Dance

Since the beginning of time, dance has been an integral part of human expression. There will always been something about dance that will continue to captivate us. Dance is an innovation of art.  It isn’t just a social pastime, it is about creative expression, culture, tradition, and for many people–love. Dance continues to evolve from one generation to another. Today, we embrace many forms of dance. From ballroom to hip hop, jazz to ballet, Salsa to Swing, Tango to Mambo,

How To Make Dancing Your Hobby – Video

What are you waiting for?  When dancing at Arthur Murray Minneapolis, you’ll find that perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction, and mental stimulation, and it can bring so much to your life. It’s a great workout; has documented physical and mental health benefits; reduces stress and depression; promotes relaxation and it’s FUN!! Dance can be an enjoyable form of social interaction, a way to get exercise and meet people. Many people take up dancing for a hobby. Classes and

Woman Dancing

Twin Cities Arthur Murray Offers Private Lessons

From beginners to experts and every dancer in between, private dance lessons at Twin Cities Arthur Murray help dancers develop and hone their skills to achieve their goals. No matter what skill level you’re dancing at, we offer specialized lesson plans and a selection of dance styles to help you become a better dancer. Enroll in classes with our professional dance instructors and begin reaping the benefits from your first lesson.  Personalized Attention Arrive for your private dance lesson at

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