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Go Back to School and Learn to Dance

Fall is a nostalgic time of year with the end of summer so near. You can feel it in the air. There is no doubt about it, autumn signifies change. When you are establishing your new routine, starting with your morning coffee, why not add something fun to your routine and learn to dance this school year?! What do you think of when you think of going back to school? Homework, papers and paperwork, perhaps? Instead of science or math

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Local Celebrities Raised over $50,000 at the Dancing with the Twin Cities Celebrities Charity Ball

Presented by AM Charity Fund and sponsored by Twin Cities Arthur Murray Dance Centers, the 8th annual Dancing with the Twin Cities Celebrities Charity Ball raised over $50,000 for five local charities at the 8TH Annual Dancing with the Twin Cities Celebrities Charity Ball, which took place at the Minneapolis Marriott June 3rd 2017. AM Charity Fund was founded by Lynda Smith, owner of the Twin Cities Arthur Murray Dance Centers, in memory of her late husband who lost his

Four Reasons to take Summer Dance Lessons

Newlywed couple on beach with friends Let’s look on the bright side, according to the calendar we still have several weeks of summer left. This is a great time to try new things and learning to dance should be at the top of your list. Why? Here are four good reasons why you should take summer dance lessons:   Be prepared for fall and stay fit! Preparing your body for the next dance season is a key factor in summer

Over $70,000 was Raised at the Dancing with the Twin Cities Celebrities Charity Ball 2018

Passion, determination, community and a lot sweat is what it took six local celebrities to raise over $70,000 for charity.   It was a star-studded evening to remember as nearly 300 dance enthusiasts  gathered  for the 9th  Dancing with the Twin Cities Celebrities Charity Ball. The festive evening consisted of a live and silent auction, an elegant sit down dinner, a celebrity dance competition featuring six local celebrities.  To top off the high energy evening there was a professional show performed

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Give him the Gift of Dance this Father’s Day

When it comes to special occasions like Father’s day, men can be hard to buy for.  It seems like they often ask for the same things, year  after year, like a golf shirt or a tie. This year why not get creative and give him that tie but use it to wrap up his real gift… dance lessons with you! There are so many reasons to give the man in your life the gift of dance this year for Father’s

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