D. Cloutier

“I competed in your Northstar Dance-O-Rama and wanted to congratulate you on the organization of the event. It was all done with lots of taste. I’ve participated in a few competitions and this one was by far the nicest. Thanks again for a lovely weekend.“


“If you asked a number of persons to name one way to improve their life, you’d get a number of different answers. And eighteen months ago, if you’d asked me that question, I probably wouldn’t have initially said “take dance lessons”. It just wouldn’t have been the first thing came to my mind. There I was, a 34 year old single guy who was relatively happy with his life but nonetheless feeling a little unsure of where I wanted my life to go. Kind of like Tom Hanks in the end of “Castaway” standing in the middle of the four...

~Anna C.

“As a former figure skater, I have always been an active person. However, a figure skater’s career is very short-lived and so I was too old at 18 years of age to continue competing. I made the Gopher Hockey Cheerleading team at the U of MN and thoroughly enjoyed that experience. I became very ill during my sophomore year. Upon being hospitalized after spiking 104 degree temperatures, I learned my exhaustion, that I had been feeling for some time was actually due to living with a hemoglobin of 4 (normal healthy people have around 7-8) and should be in a...

Donna H.

“Dance has been a part of my life on and off (mostly off) since age 4. My minimal ballroom dance experience was many years ago, but I remember clearly the happiness I felt when dancing. After thinking about it more seriously the last few years, and with the encouragement of my friends Lucy and Randy, who are students at Arthur Murray’s, I signed up. Originally my goal was simple: learn Salsa so I could dance socially. But my instructor, Alex, had other plans. With his guidance I realized I could do so much more. His enthusiasm when I get a...

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. The first step is to schedule an introductory sample lesson with one of our trained instructors. During that lesson, your instructor will determine your current level and recommend an appropriate course for you to continue.

Can I really learn to dance?

Yes. Dancing is as easy as walking once you are taught how by an Arthur Murray expert. We teach simple, basic elements, from which the steps are derived. Hundreds of thousands of people have been successfully trained in Arthur Murray Dance Centers. There is no age limit. Our oldest students are over 70. The youngest are usually in their early teens.

How long will it take?

The length of your course will depend on how many dances you want to learn and how proficient you wish to become in each dance. However, you will be able to dance after your first lesson.

How much do lessons cost?

Tuition varies, depending on a number of factors e.g., how good you want to be, what dances you want to learn, and your dance schedule. After your introductory sample lesson, your instructor will recommend a program and will be able to answer any questions, so you will have the knowledge to make an informed choice.

Does the fee have to be paid in advance?

Tuition is generally paid in advance, especially for Foundation Programs. However, financing and other arrangements are also available. Since these are determined on a case by case basis, please ask in person, and we will be glad to give you all the details.