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Salsa Dance is a Popular Choice for Students

Salsa dancing is perhaps one of the most alluring forms of dance to beginners and experienced dancers alike. Salsa has a quick tempo and incorporates movements from a wide range of Latin and western dances, which appeals to many new and experienced dancers. When you learn to salsa dance with the fun and easy system at Twin Cities Arthur Murray Dance Centers you can become a part of a widespread dancing tradition, showcased in nightclubs, and dance festivals all over

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Twelve Benefits of Dance

A man and a woman dancing argentinian tango on gray studio background What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of dance? Romance? Exercise? Socialization? When it comes to dance there are countless reason to take a ballroom dance lesson! Here’s a list of twelve benefits of dance! You are sure to find a benefit ( or several) that resonates with you! 1. Confidence Confidence is like a muscle, therefore you’ve got to challenge it to

Give Mom the Gift of Ballroom Dance this Mother’s Day

It’s time to Celebrate MOM! For all that she does to make everyone else happy, it is time to celebrate her! What better way to do that than with the gift of dance? Here are three great reasons why you should give mom the gift of dance this Mother’s Day: 1. DANCE CLASSES ARE ALL ABOUT HER Moms spend so much of their lives serving others, maybe it is time she does something for herself and becomes the center of

Dancing with the Twin Cities Celebrities Charity Ball 2017

Arthur Murray Dance Centers are sponsoring AM Charity Fund’s eighth annual star-studded gala, Dancing with the Twin Cities Celebrities charity ball, on Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 at the beautiful Minneapolis Marriott City Center Hotel. For the first time ever, Dancing with the Twin Cities Celebrities will feature a theme. To commemorate the life and legacy of our own iconic Twin Cities’ legend, Prince Rogers Nelson, this year’s charity ball will embrace the ‘Minnesota sound’ we all know and love while

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Five Reasons Why Couples Should Take Ballroom Dance Lessons

If curiosity killed the cat, then we think that the Olive Garden and movies killed the spontaneity in couples. Someone has to say something.  It’s time for a change, even if you love the all-you-can-eat salad and breadsticks. Here are five reasons why couples should take Ballroom Dance Lessons. Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to get started!  1. Work Things Out… on the dance floor What if you had a secret word that you could use with your other

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