Four Reasons Ballroom Dance is Perfect in Every Phase of Life

Falling in love is perhaps the most exciting thing you will ever experience. That feeling of finding “the one” is something everyone dreams of their entire lives. Being in love is an experience that we wish to hold on to and hope lasts forever. But let’s face it, over time it becomes harder to keep that flame burning bright. Life gets busy. Couples need to find new, fun and physical ways to spend more time together. Just think, if jogging together can strengthen a relationship imagine the effects dancing a romantic rumba can have on your lives?

Here are four reasons why couples should include Ballroom Dance in every phase of their lives together:

1. It all Began with your Wedding Dance… on the Dance Floor

When a wedding couple decides to take wedding dance lessons they are committing to so much more than a beautiful performance for the crowd.  They are learning a new hobby and interest they can share for life.  Ballroom Dance will bring romance, excitement, creativity and health benefits for years to come! You remember the moment you held each other close and danced together for all eyes to see. You learned the moves together, so you know the magic you shared. Why would you ever want to replace that with a movie and home delivered pizza?

2. Keep Your Love Alive in the Early Years!

Life changes after marriage with new careers, babies and sometimes a new residence. It can be challenging to find quality time to keep your love alive! To include fun and excitement in your lives why not plan a weekly ballroom dance lesson and a date night? Pick a day and do not schedule anything else but time together on the dance floor. No matter what kind of a week you are having you will always have peace of mind knowing you have a very special date planned. If once a week is too difficult, go with every other week!

3. Newly Empty Nesters! Step up your Game!

So now you can relax a bit knowing your kids are well on their way to paving their life paths and creating their own destiny. You did good!  Now it’s time to see the world! Arthur Murray offers Ballroom Dance around the globe. You can join fellow students and travel to exotic places like Spain, Hawaii and Prague. At Arthur Murray you can also be in the limelight and compete. You can take your dance to a whole new level while seeing the world!

4. The Golden Years.

Life may slow down a bit as you approach your retirement years, but your love for dance will always be alive!  You will still be holding each other, just as you did on your wedding day, the day you vowed to keep each other happy and healthy for life. Arthur Murray will help you keep that promise as Ballroom Dance has many health benefits, both physically and mentally. As you look back on your life together one thing you will surely be grateful for is the time you spent together, holding each other close on the dance floor, just as you did on your wedding day.

If you are new to Ballroom Dance and want to try a sample lesson, please go here: (GetStarted)

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