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Article provided by: Dr Fat Loss

If you’ve tried numerous diets with almost no effect, you might need to contact Dr. Fat Loss right now! Although it may seem straightforward and easy to grasp, building the ideal nutritional strategy is nothing short of a complex scientific endeavor. And the fact that many people try out multiple diet plans with no meaningful results is rather compelling.

For that reason, we offer a custom diet plan in Brooklyn that will put all other options to shame. As data shows, our nutritional strategy will allow you to lose up to 45 pounds of fat in approximately 40 days. If you’re wondering what the secret is, it’s not in the diet plan itself. Instead, it’s in everything leading up to it.

More precisely, we offer a unique three-step health transformation strategy as follows:

Step one: In-depth computerized body screening

The preliminary body composition analysis is the first step in the health transformation program. It will allow our experts to gather valuable data about your biological profile, understand how your body functions, and use the information to build a customized weight loss plan. Some of the data we’re looking for include:

  • Your Body Mass Index
  • The Overall Physique Rating
  • The Daily Calorie Intake
  • Your Weight, Bone and Muscle Mass, and Body Fat Range
  • The Basal Metabolic Rate and your Metabolic Age, etc.

The results of the test will determine how your organism will react to certain stimuli, which will inform our expert on the path to follow. This is the foundation of our targeted custom diet plan in Brooklyn.

Step two: Bio-reprogramming and autophagy

No diet strategy will have the desired effect if your body works against it. We’re talking about a form of self-sabotage that most people aren’t even aware that it’s happening. They just notice their inability to lose weight despite their best efforts, with the reasons for that remaining unknown.

We now know that it all comes down to how your metabolism functions. If your metabolic rates are slow, your body will refuse to burn fat. You will also constantly feel tired and depleted of energy, which, in return, will affect your positivity, confidence, and determination. We solve that problem by forcing the autophagy process, which is a concept defined by cellular detoxification.

As your cells will flush out the toxins, your metabolism will self-regulate, promoting a faster fat-burning rate than ever before. Not only will you burn fat more during workouts, but the resting sessions as well. It’s an automatic process that, once started, it will never stop, so long as you stick to the program.

Step three: The custom diet plan in Brooklyn

The final addition to our health transformation program consists of a mix of dieting and workout routine. And here, at our clinic in Brooklyn, we offer the best of both worlds. Our meal plan is all-natural, low calorie, and protein-packed for an immense nutritional value.

If needed, Dr. Fat Loss may also recommend various food supplements to provide you with a boost and ease the path towards the body of your dreams. Contact us and get with the program today!

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