Many people who dance at Arthur Murray have a story about the path that led them to the studio for their first lesson. I tell people that mine was a rescue mission, a mission to save my physical body and my inner spirit.

I had been dealing with health issues and a diagnosis of neuritis in my left ear caused me to suffer from vertigo and balance issues. Each day was a struggle to go to work, grocery shopping or any other normal activity. For nearly two years, I lived with a fear that I would fall over and with that fear came a very sedentary lifestyle. I had to go through physical therapy to re-train my brain to know which end was up. Fortunately, the treatment was successful in restoring my balance to near original capacity, but the therapist said I needed to find some type of regular activity to get optimal results. By then, I had gained more than twenty five pounds, I was stressed out and I didn’t feel very passionate about life anymore. It felt like my body was on the decline; but I just kept thinking, I’m way too young to feel this way. I’m not ready to give up on life yet.

I had always loved to dance and for months I had casually checked out different dance studio websites, but kept putting it off. I thought I would need a partner and I didn’t have one at the time. A friend at work who was a former dance instructor would pop into my office to see if I had signed up yet. It took about three months before I finally picked up the phone and called the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Edina.

It was a phone call that changed my life! My friends and family tell me they’ve never seen me like this, so happy and confident. I feel like I have found my bliss and it helps me to deal with life’s daily challenges. Talk about setting back the clock! Ballroom dancing is the fountain of youth, health and vitality that I plan on enjoying for many years. The staff and students are phenomenal and they are always welcoming and accepting of your level of ability, body type, age, or whatever.

If you are reading this and are hesitating, just pick up the phone and call. You don’t need a partner to begin. You just need to take the first step toward achieving your best life.

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