Couple Learning Swing

Whether you’re looking for a new creative outlet,or need to boost your dancing finesse for an important event– dancing is a marvel you can commence any time. Even better, is that there’s no experience necessary.

Beginners dance classes are a great way to ease into your new passion. Start with a few standard dances, and twirl your way towards something more intricate when you’re ready. Here are some recommendations for beginners dance lessons.

The Waltz

This timeless dance is one of the simplest to grasp. It’s smooth, and enables you to travel around the line of dance. Rise and fall with this boxed movement. Beginners dance lessons here will include the left foot change, the promenade, the right foot change, and the forward progressive, and of course the fundamental box step.

The Foxtrot

Dance four beats to one bar of music with this classic. Its twirling motions are similar to the waltz, but with long walking movements. You’ll discover chasses and twinkles here as you dance to beats written in 4/4 time. Glide under the guidance of our trained instructors in slow and quick steps. Foxtrot music has a tempo of up to 34 measures per minute, and you can choose from a wide array of beats.

The Tango

Feel your way through these beginners dance lessons as you maintain perfect basic tango posture. You’ll look poised as soon as you master the basic embrace. Your five steps here include a forward step with your left leg, a forward via your right, and a repetition of those before bringing your feet together.

The Jive

This is a zesty no-holds-barred version of the swing. It’s maneuvered in 4/4 time, and has similar steps as the chasse. Commence with your feet together. Hop via your right foot while lifting your left knee, and step back. Repeat the hopping and knee lifting step, but this time, take a step forward. This is followed by a chasse to the left, and right.

The Rumba

Perform these hip swaying beginners dance classes as a box step. It comprises a slow-quick-quick beat. Your initial step will use two beats, and your final steps, a single one. This sassy sensual dance was popularized in Cuba. Its myriad of styles include the naningo, the danzon, guaracha, and guagira.

Join our customized basic skill foundation program with our qualified instructors today, and let the enthrallment begin.