Couples At Dance Class
Dancers from Minneapolis, MN and beyond come to Twin Cities Arthur Murray to develop and perform their moves at our weekly dance lessons. We teach students young and old and of varying fitness and skill levels. Choose a dance style and a lesson plan that best suits your personality and lifestyle, and let our professional dance instructors help you learn the rest. Before you know it, you’ll be gliding across the dance floor like a pro.

Our Dance Lessons

We offer a number of specialized dance classes that we tailor to your needs and goals as a dancer. Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion or simply looking to develop your dance moves, we have the class for you. Connect with our instructors to find a dance lesson plan that works best with your schedule.

Private Lessons

Receive personalized instruction during your one-on-one private dance lessons with a talented Arthur Murray dance instructor. Private lessons can be highly beneficial if you’re looking to develop your skills at a fast pace, because an instructor is right alongside you every step of the way. If you have questions, are stuck on a dance move or are progressing faster than you expected you would, your instructor can adjust the lesson plan to suit your development as a dancer.

Group Lessons

If you’re taking a more lighthearted approach to moving and grooving, group dance lesson may be a better fit. Our group classes typically range from 10 to sometimes over 20 students often of similar skill levels, so they’re small enough where our instructors can offer personalized attention while still teaching the entire class the routine. Group lessons also offer the space for you to meet and dance with new people in your community.

Wedding Dance Lessons

At Twin Cities Arthur Murray, we know how special it is to dance with your new spouse on your wedding day. If you want to truly stand out on your big day, sign up for wedding dance lessons to learn a romantic dance style catered to your personal preferences.

Learn to Dance at Twin Cities Arthur Murray

In addition to our weekly and specialized dance lessons, we also host Practice Parties where you get to practice and perfect your dance moves in a fun, social setting. Contact Twin Cities Arthur Murray to schedule your dance lessons at our studio today. We’re located at 5041 France Ave S in Minneapolis, MN. We’re also located in St. Paul at 534 Selby Ave.