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Are you looking for a new and unique hobby? One that gives you a great workout and lets you express yourself differently? Then taking dance lessons might be what you need. Dancing has many benefits and doesn’t have to be reserved for prom, weddings, or random dance parties in the kitchen. If you’re in the market for taking dance lessons in Minnesota, sign up for our basic skills class at either one of our Arthur Murray Dance Center locations.

Common mistakes people make

Our instructors are incredibly professional and capable of teaching anyone at any age or skill level how to dance. If you’re just starting out, you can expect to make some mistakes. Here are some of the most common ones beginners tend to make:

  • Looking down too much and not at their partners, which affects posture and causes the shoulders to hunch
  • Weak elbows, or what we call “noodle arms,” leading to a weak frame. Over time, arm muscles become stronger, and weak elbows are a thing of the past.
  • Raised shoulders due to stress, anxiety or tension which create a scrunched upper body and distracts from the footwork and learning the dance steps
  • Taking big steps is a common mistake for beginners and can throw you off balance as you try to learn the steps of each dance. Concentrating on taking smaller steps helps with this until you eventually become comfortable with the dance number.
  • Getting frustrated is another common mistake for those who are just starting out. It’s easy to get caught up in learning the dance steps and then getting angry when you can’t remember or complete them. It’s important to breathe and remember that you’re still learning.

Types of shoes

When you sign up for dance lessons in Minnesota, you need to know what kind of shoes are best. You’ll want a pair of shoes that are comfortable and easily allow you to move across the dance floor. When you go to purchase a pair of shoes, look for suede soles and a true-to-size fit, so you’re not sliding around in your shoes while dancing. For women, most dance shoes will be a strappy high-heel, and for men, a leather shoe with a suede sole is all that’s needed.

Types of clothes

For ballroom dancers, the kinds of clothing can vary. For practice dance lessons, you’ll probably look to wear wide-flare pants. If you’re a woman, a leotard will give you the coverage you need. For men, a loose tee is usually best. If you’re looking to compete, you’ll probably want to stock your closet with flowy gowns or dance costumes with flare.

When you’re ready to take dance lessons in Minnesota, you’ll want to come to each lesson prepared and dress appropriately. This will give you confidence and keep you from getting frustrated with the learning process. At Arthur Murray Dance Centers, we’re here to help you learn how to ballroom dance with accuracy and confidence.

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