Dance Class- St. Paul, MN - Twin Cities Arthur Murray

You may be passionate about specific dance styles, but that does not necessarily mean that it’s advisable to engage in them. Trying new dance styles is thrilling, but there are several facets to gauge before you embark. You should take the following into account.

Age-limiting Concerns

You may be contemplating taking more daring rigorous dance styles such as the hip-swishing samba or the fast-paced salsa. This is fine if you don’t have any age-related restrictions. Rheumatism and osteoarthritis is fairly common with older people and it would definitely alter your dance class choice. You may even have had age-induced orthopedic surgery, so signing up for swing dance classes would be out, too.

Your Agility and Fitness Levels

Always choose dance types suitable for your fitness level. This comprises your agility, coordination, skill level, and balance. Even though these can all be improved with continuous dance practice with us, always start with dance sequences on par with your fitness levels.

If you’re unfit, start with easier dance moves requiring less twists, turns and strain. The easiest dances here are the foxtrot and waltz. Take it up a notch or two, and enrol for more invigorating dance classes like the samba, jive and bachata, as your fitness levels improve.


There are certain health conditions that may prevent you from selecting more advanced dance styles. Never choose sequences that may tire you excessively and cause a shortness of breath if you have asthma. Always monitor your condition and opt for mellow styles here.

Energetic dancing may however help with weight loss and improve hypertension. So, if you’re overweight and dancing upbeat styles is not hazardous to your health, sign up for our lively jive, swing, or rumba classes.

Personal Preferences

Since dancing is a story in motion, you may want to chose styles that reveal parts of your personality. If you’re the type who loves dressing up in flowing elegant gowns and tuxedos, then the more formal ballroom styles like the Viennese waltz and tango may be for you.

If you prefer infectious music and tantalizing rhythmic moves, laced with sensuality, why not select a Latin style? These include the rumba, which will bring out the romantic in you. The bolero may be ideal for you too if you’re dramatic, and love intimate styles. Or try the merengue if you prefer lots of animated movement, festive Cuban flavor, and marching moves.

If you’re into eclectic American styles, the swing should be great, as it combines sequences from the hop, hustle, black bottom and Charleston. Or try the West Coast swing for something smooth, with lots of easy walking steps.

Consult one of our friendly dance instructors for advice on the best dance styles for you.