Arthur MurrayIt is no surprise that health and fitness continue to be the number one new year’s resolution again in 2018. But the question is how are you going to achieve your goal of a healthier mind and body? Ever wonder why the traffic at the gym thins out drastically after January? Maybe it is because treadmills and exercise equipment are boring!  They don’t make you feel like celebrating a new and improved you! This year dance to your health!  Forget the gym, take dance lessons to get into shape instead!

Dance is a fun and healthy way to get in shape while expressing yourself. Dance can make you feel beautiful and elegant or graceful and strong. Whatever dance you wish to learn, the professional instructors at Arthur Murray can help you customize a dance lesson plan. They will talk with you to create a dance lesson plan that compliments who you are and coincides with your health and fitness goals. There are many different dance styles to choose from at Arthur Murray. Any dance we teach will give you a great workout, whether it is swing, salsa, ballroom or the tango.  Dance allows you to express yourself and your creativity. When was the last time you felt inspired while running on a treadmill?

We make it easy for you to stick with dance lessons.  We have flexible hours with private and group sessions to choose from.  You will also have on-going social dance parties and competitions to look forward to as you become a more proficient dancer.

When it comes to health and fitness you want to be inspired and that is exactly what learning to dance does for our students. The odds are good that you will stick with dance lessons because you will love it! As you set goals for yourself to improve your technique and learn new moves, you will find the experience challenging for both the mind and body.

Learning to dance makes your workout rewarding, interesting and fun!  So if you find you are not sticking to your New Year’s resolution to get in shape, skip the gym and hit the dance floor instead! The treadmill cannot twirl you but a dance partner can!  Dance to your health and learn how you can customize a dance lesson program that is perfect for you!  We have two Twin Cities locations: Minneapolis/Edina at 612-920-1900 and St Paul at 651-227-3200. Give us a call today!



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