Dance has been a part of my life on and off (mostly off) since age 4. My minimal ballroom dance experience was many years ago, but I remember clearly the happiness I felt when dancing.

After thinking about it more seriously the last few years, and with the encouragement of my friends Lucy and Randy, who are students at Arthur Murray’s, I signed up. Originally my goal was simple: learn Salsa so I could dance socially. But my instructor, Alex, had other plans. With his guidance I realized I could do so much more. His enthusiasm when I get a step right is contagious, and the slight raise of his right eyebrow and half-smile are all I need to know I can do better.

I enjoy all the benefits of dancing, exercising, socialization, having a creative outlet and wearing fabulous shoes. But for me the main reason is the sheer joy, the high that I feel when the music starts and I walk out onto the dance floor. Those moments when I feel one with the music, the dance, and my partner are magical. Thank you, Arthur Murray, Alex and all the professional instructors for reawakening that happiness I felt years ago while dancing.

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