Ever wonder what Ballroom Dance is all about? Here are Eight must know Truths

There are some hobbies that are pretty clear cut, straight forward, and would be cinch to weave into a conversation. You know, like golf, bocce ball, running, but not ballroom dancing.
Sure, it may describe a style of dancing. It may also immediately invoke certain images of what this type of dancing seems to be about, but, chances are, that image, and the mental description is not at all close to the reality.
That is, unless you’re a ballroom dancer already.
So, this blog is about capturing what ballroom dancing is all about which is not likely what a non-dancing brain assumes it is, trust us.

1. This is Not (Necessarily) Your Grandparent’s Thing
What we are saying it is a perfect hobby choice for any stage of life. The name “Ballroom” was widely considered as a pastime for retirees. Today, nothing could be further from the truth. People of ages are enjoying dance and you don’t need a spouse or significant other to take dance lessons!

2. Ballroom can be sexy- it is much more than the elegant Waltz
“Ballroom Dancing” is an umbrella term – it covers a wide variety of styles no different from hobbies like Horseback Riding or Art – there are plenty of variations underneath the general term.
Ballroom Dancing is a synonym for partner dancing and social dancing. It does include dances like the Waltz, Tango, and Foxtrot, but also Latin/Nightclub dances like Argentine Tango, Bachata, Paso Doble, Salsa, and Cha-Cha.

3. You can perform like a star studded celebrity or not, your choice
Whether performance is your passion or simply being comfortable and confident in social situations, you get to decide the culture of your hobby. Many Arthur Murray students have discovered that they absolutely love the glitz and glamour of ballroom dancing and performing in front of a crowd. It gives them a feeling of accomplishment they never knew before.
Much like any educational institution, the students come to Arthur Murray with different goals and objectives but share a common interest and studio.

4. Dance Lessons are Kind of Perfect for…
Weddings, First Dance, Father/Daughter Dance, Money Dance, Reception, High School Reunions, Nightclubs, Supper Clubs, Country Clubs, Country Bars, Bar-Bars, Dive Bars, Karaoke Bars that specialize in 80’s music.
Every music festival, big and small, or just a quiet moment in your kitchen, ballroom dancing will fit you wherever you go!

5. Amazing Mental Health Benefits
Research shows that ballroom dancing is the most productive activity to improve brain health. Why? Because your body is doing something active, dynamic, and creative all while your brain is juggling computations for navigating the room, maintaining a conversation, and processing the music input. It is a brain workout- only FUN!

6. Physical Benefits
There are so many physical benefits we cannot say enough. Every Arthur Murray dance studio has students that have lost weight and have shared their stories about how much they have enjoyed dropping pounds and toning up while doing something they have come to love.

7. Social Benefits
Everyone needs a community outlet. Today’s communities are mostly online. Sad as that sounds, it is true. We live in a digital age where we are connected to “friends” we rarely ever see or talk to, and neighbors we may know live next door but rarely ever see.
Ballroom dancing creates a real social community that brings back social etiquette with warm in-person greetings that include a handshake or hug. Each Arthur Murray studio is a place where you will find a diverse cross-section of life. People of all age groups, occupations, and backgrounds come together through dancing. Thus adding contrast and depth to your social skills and social circle.

8. Personal Achievement
Let’s face it-life is too short to avoid potentially great things that could bring profound benefits to your life. In order to acquire these things, you just have to lean into the fear of the unknown and let it carry you where you ultimately want to go.
At Twin Cities Arthur Murray, we will work with you to customize a dance program that is perfect for you and addresses your lifestyle and personality. We have two Twin Cities locations: Edina/Minneapolis at 50th and France and St. Paul at Selby and Dale. You know what they say, you never know until you try!

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