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Here are five reasons to add wedding dance lessons to your “to do” list.

He asked you the big question and you said “Yes, absolutely! So, what’s next?
Everyone knows that there are tons of things that go into planning a wedding. There is the dress, the cake, and of course the venue, just to name a few. Make no mistake, there will be a lot to do. The truth is after years have gone by you will likely forget the centerpiece on each table and the décor on the cake but the one thing you will always remember is your wedding dance!

Romantic Escape 

With so many people vying for your attention on your wedding day, it is easy for couples to miss the opportunity to enjoy each other as a newlywed couple. Between Uncle Ed telling funny stories and the photographer asking lots of questions, it can be difficult to create those special moments together. But there is one place you can find
refuge together and that is on the dance floor! Those who have spent time taking wedding dance lessons have developed dance skills and as a result have the perfect escape-the dance floor!  Having your special dance routines will give you the opportunity to spend more valuable time with the most important person in the room, your spouse! Also, as the night goes on, dancing together will give you multiple
opportunities to escape and enjoy each other and guess what, no one can interrupt you! (well they should know better anyway).


One of the first questions couples ask when they come to Arthur Murray for their first dance lesson is, “can we choreograph our own special dance? To which we say, yes absolutely! Many couples at Arthur Murray want to demonstrate their love for one another with a few different forms of dance. From romantic dances like the waltz to the sultry styles like the Mambo, Arthur Murray will help capture the true essence of your love. Having your guests tell you how much fun it was to watch you both dance is definitely an added perk on your big day. They will be able to see the connection and
dance skills you have gained…and how perfect you are for each other. As an added bonus, your dancing will melt the hearts of your wedding guests too.


Your wedding dance will be captured in photos and video! Being able to look back months, or even years after your wedding day to see pictures and video of your friends and family are priceless. Imagine video of you and your new spouse sharing a romantic look, a smile as you turn, or the excitement created during your final dip, it’s enough to make you speechless. Seeing the videos and photos can help ignite a spark years later
as you watch yourselves gazing into each other’s eyes…


After the wedding ceremony, the cake will have been eaten, the flowers will wither, and the guests will have gone home but the one thing you will always have etched in your mind and heart is your wedding dance! The value of your wedding dance lessons will last forever! Instead of going to the movies you can get excited about holding one another close and enjoy a romantic evening of dancing! At Arthur Murray our students often tell us how great it is to share their love of dance together as a hobby. They have
also noted how confident they are knowing they look good together on the dance floor!


Keep the honeymoon phase going with a little marriage insurance!  Continue to learn and develop your dancing after the wedding. Dancing becomes a linking commonality that a couple shares from the start of their lives. Dancing together continues to build communication, confidence and trust in each other, not to mention the fun factor! Most importantly, now as a new married couple, you have a built-in date night.  No matter how busy life can be, it will be reassuring to know that you will always be grounded by the “us”… because of a first dance. Note to newly engaged couples: You will want to commit to at least six months of wedding dance lessons to ensure you are putting your best feet forward for the world to see on your wedding day. For those that have enjoyed the marriage insurance dance
lessons have given you, please tell us how it has enhanced your wedding and marriage in the comments below.
Thanks! Until next time…. keep on dancing! 
—-Julia Tice

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