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If curiosity killed the cat, then we think that the Olive Garden and movies killed the spontaneity in couples. Someone has to say something.  It’s time for a change, even if you love the all-you-can-eat salad and breadsticks. Here are five reasons why couples should take Ballroom Dance Lessons. Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to get started! 

1. Work Things Out… on the dance floor

What if you had a secret word that you could use with your other half that got you out of trouble? We know it! Are you ready? Write this down: Rumba. The cool thing is, you don’t need to know how to pronounce it, heck – you don’t even need to say it. If you know the moves, you know the magic.

2. Who Are You?!

When was the last time your spouse did something so spontaneous and out of character that you asked “Who are you” – in a good way? Taking Ballroom Dance lessons builds confidence. It can turn a mild-mannered research scientist into a matador. So when he boldly executes a Tango maneuver that you’ve never done before, enjoy it. Whisper the question in his ear for added points.

3. Let’s Get Physical

OK, so let’s just say you’re not that marathoning couple in your neighborhood (they might be from another city, but just run through your neighborhood). You know, the types that just run for fun?  So, finding regular exercise amidst the take home work, wind-down time, and commute is not really a high priority… let alone together. Let’s just say that taking a dance lesson:

  • Is fun and socially interactive
  • Can burn up to 300 calories per lesson
  • Benefits, like exercise, come with every program we teach
  • Will feel nothing like going to the gym, or running a marathon, so, therefore, you’re more likely to continue doing it.

BOOM! There’s your new workout routine.

4. Improve Your Options

If you gamble… you know where all the card clubs are (legal or otherwise). If you shop… you know which stores to go to, when the sales happen, and which register is fastest. And if you know how to dance… you know where to go dancing, what music is played, and which dances to have ready to go when you get there.  Thank you dance classes! 

Last time we checked, going out dancing rated 10,000 times higher than the Olive Garden on the “Sexy Date Night” rankings. 

5. Dating… again

How long has it been since you and your other half were “dating”? It’s easy to think of that as a past-tense period of time, but it doesn’t have to be. Chances are, you’ve just become too busy to date the way you used to. You may do something exciting on your anniversary, but how many of your regular date nights are “brag-worthy”?

Now let’s try that same question after taking some dance lessons together. There aren’t enough free breadsticks in the world that can compete with that. You get closer, you learn something together… and dancing is just the medium.  

Final Thought

There are plenty more reasons why couples should take ballroom dance lessons together, but first you need to see it for yourself. This article is like describing an amazing dish (not at the Olive Garden)… eventually you just have to try it yourself. A complimentary lesson at Arthur Murray would certainly upgrade any date currently on the calendar. Who knows, after you schedule yours your main squeeze may be saying “Who Are You!?” Ole!

Mention this blog and your first couple’s ballroom dance lesson is Free!

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