The holiday season is upon us and we are all thinking about our “giving and receiving” holiday wish list. Many of us seem to get and give the same types of gifts year after year.  We seem to have our “go to” gift ideas, the kinds of gifts you have given and received year after year, right?  Um….boring!  What if you could give a gift that promises an exciting new experience loaded with benefits that can be enjoyed for years to come?  Why not give the gift of dance this holiday season! Here are four good reasons why you should:

  1. Dance Rekindles Romance. Whether you are newly in a relationship or have been married for years, holding one another and looking into each others eyes while moving to music is a sure way to ignite a flame. It is a chance to have a date on a regular basis and instead of staring at a big screen, you are gazing into the eyes of the one you love while moving sensuously to your favorite song. You cannot capture that kind of romance and the movie theater now can you?
  2. Dance is Social! There are endless opportunities to dance, whether you are single or in a relationship you can take your dance skills anywhere, anytime. At Arthur Murray we have parties every week and celebrate our students accomplishments through our exclusive achievement program. You can take it as far as you your heart desires! With dozens of Arthur Murray locations in intriguing places such as France and Spain you can literally dance all around the world!
  3. Dance Improves your Health Significantly. Going to the gym can be mundane and boring, we all know that.  A treadmill will not make you smile and cannot spin you like your dance partner can! Dance not only gets you in the best shape ever, it will also improve your memory, coordination and flexibility!
  4.  Dance is a Mood Elevator Dancing is a recreational activity (unless you are in competition like “Dancing with the Stars”) and its just plain fun. Dancing raises our endorphin levels. This helps to relieve stress and can even help to reduce the symptoms of depression.  Many people are surprised at how good they feel during and after dancing and how much happier there are in their everyday lives!

Why would you want to buy the same old “go-to” gift from the department store when you can give the gift of dance this holiday season?  You can have peace of mind and enjoy knowing that your gift will give the receiver many benefits for years to come. So think outside the retail bag this year and give the gift of dance!


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