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Let’s look on the bright side, according to the calendar we still have several weeks of summer left. This is a great time to try new things and learning to dance should be at the top of your list. Why? Here are four good reasons why you should take summer dance lessons:  

  1. Be prepared for fall and stay fit! Preparing your body for the next dance season is a key factor in summer training! If you are looking to improve your technique, gain strength, or increase flexibility, then summer classes will help you make faster progress. Without summer classes, starting back in September after school starts may feel a little tough because you are retraining your body to get back on track. Taking dance classes in the summer will allow you to stay physically fit and in turn, reduces your injury risk—a huge advantage! You can ease into the season and be a step ahead of some of the newcomers.  Perhaps you can help them practice their moves at one of our weekly guest parties. 
  2. Get physical in a cool atmosphere! While we wait all year long for summer, the hot dog days of August can get a little uncomfortable. When you learn a new dance you will get to do so in the cool environment of our two Twin Cities Arthur Murray dance studios. So you can get physical indoors and not risk heat exhaustion! Our awesome sound system is an added plus and will definitely get you in the mood to dance as well!
  3. Dance on the beach!  You can dance anywhere during the summer! Dance is about discovery and accomplishment. Our students at Twin Cities Arthur Murray are constantly challenging themselves to learn new dances.  Our professional instructors will make it fun and easy to learn a routine that you can take to the beach or anywhere you may be in the great outdoors!   
  4. Special Summer Dance Offer! Lastly, we are offering a special on summer dance lessons to new students only. Now until the end of the month,  take 30% off orientation programs! Offer expires on 8/31/18. 

So why wait until fall when you can jump start your dance program today and and save! 

Call one of our two Twin Cities locations to schedule your first summer dance lesson! St. Paul is 651-227-3200 and Minneapolis/Edina is 612-920-1900. 


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