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Give the Gift of Dance this Holiday Season

Arthur Murray Dance Centers

Every year, it seems like the same scenario repeats itself as the holidays are quickly approaching: when asked “Did you get all your shopping done?” most people respond “No, not yet!”

Arthur Murray Dance CentersWhy do you think that is? Maybe it’s because we don’t want to give the same kind of gifts every year and we are looking for something unique and special. This year, think outside the Sunday newspaper ads and give them the gift of dance! Dance lessons will show that you care about them in ways that you could never express with a gift from the department store. There are so many reasons why you should give the gift of dance and here are just a few of them: DANCE CLASSES RELIEVE STRESS We all experience stress throughout the week, whether it’s from kids, work, or health issues. Dance is a perfect outlet to release that stress. We see it all the time: our students come in feeling tension from a stressful day and they leave with satisfied smiles on their faces—the kind of smile you can only get from a fun and healthy dance experience. DANCE CLASSES CAN BREAK YOU OUT OF THE FUNK AND RELIEVE DEPRESSION Studies found that dance lowers stress hormones and significantly lowers levels of depression. It is literally a mood elevator. Dancing isn’t restricted to any age group, social status, gender, orientation or life situation. Anyone can harness the vital power of dance to shake up their life. If you’re stuck in a funk, dance it out; you will instantly feel much better! DANCE CLASSES IMPROVES YOUR HEALTH Dance is an awesome form of exercise. Instead of a boring run on the treadmill, why not grab a partner, turn up the music and Tango! Many health studies have stated additional benefits from dance like preventing Alzheimer's and dementia. Learning how to dance actually makes you smarter! There are so many health benefits of dance. Unlike other forms of exercise that can he hard on your joints, dance allows you to customize a program to your personal taste and lifestyle. Dance can actually improve joint health, spine alignment, and your very mood! DANCE CLASSES KINDLE ROMANCE Couples often fall into a routine and tend to do things the same way over and over. The holidays are a perfect time to suggest a change. Instead of giving him a sweater or giving her perfume, why not give the gift of dance? It is something you can both share and the benefits are endless. Learning to dance together is relationship building. Dance can reignite a flame to get you off the couch, out of the house, and onto the dance floor! With so many reasons to give the gift of dance this year, what are you waiting for? Arthur Murray has two Twin City locations: Edina/Minneapolis 612-920-1900612-920-1900 and St. Paul 651-227-3200651-227-3200. Give us a call and dance your way into the new year!

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