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When it comes to special occasions like Father’s day, men can be hard to buy for.  It seems like they often ask for the same things, year  after year, like a golf shirt or a tie. This year why not get creative and give him that tie but use it to wrap up his real gift… dance lessons with you!

There are so many reasons to give the man in your life the gift of dance this year for Father’s Day. Here are just a few:

  • The gift of exercise. Let’s face it exercise can get mundane and boring. Running on a treadmill is not exactly a sensual and exciting experience. Dance lessons will not only help get your guy get in shape but they will also help improve flexibility, posture and balance.
  • The gift of improved mental health. There are several studies that support that Ballroom Dance lessons improve mental concentration ands self-esteem. Dancing also releases those positive endorphins that will elevate his mood. In other words, dance lessons literally make people happy!
  • The gift of better relationships. Couples and people in general can easily fall into a rut with their routines and what they choose to do for recreation. Doing the same things for “fun’ can ironically become boring. Dance lessons on the other hand, will bring something new and challenging to light. In addition,  taking dance lessons is a perfect excuse for date night! At Twin Cities Arthur Murray, the professional instructors will help customize a dance program that is best suited for your guy. Not only that but with the many dance parties and fun dance events he is sure to make new friends that share his new awesome interest!

So this Father’s Day why not give the gift of dance to your man? Call us today and get a gift certificate from one our two Twin Cities locations.  Use it for wrapping up a golf ball or hide in inside a brand new tie. He will love the gift of dance and you will too!

Call one of our two Twin Cities locations to get your gift certificate today!

Minneapolis/Edina at 50th and France 612-920-1900 or St. Paul at Selby and Dale at 651-227-3200. 

Happy Father’s Day from your friends at Twin Cities Arthur Murray! 







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