Fall is a nostalgic time of year with the end of summer so near. You can feel it in the air. There is no doubt about it, autumn signifies change. When you are establishing your new routine, starting with your morning coffee, why not add something fun to your routine and learn to dance this school year?!

What do you think of when you think of going back to school? Homework, papers and paperwork, perhaps? Instead of science or math think of going back to school to learn something just for you that you will truly love! Unlike other subjects you can take dance anywhere you like, literally as Twin Cities Arthur Murray has studios all around the world. Unlike algebra dance is the kind of homework you will look forward to as you dance to your favorite music in the kitchen while cooking with that special someone in your life.

When you envision a learning environment, picture a inspirational place with music, laughter and elegant movement Think about a place that exudes positive energy and creativity with you in the center of it all! At Twin Cities Arthur Murray we will introduce you to a new space to call your ow, the dance floor! Our professional instructors will help you customize a dance lesson plan that speaks to your needs and desires. Many students take lessons with their significant other to add some spice to their life. Others come because they want to find a new creative outlet, make to express themselves, make new friends and learn something new!

Many of our students are surprised at how easy it is to learn to dance! Not only that, but the many benefits you can reap from adding dance to your life, like improved mental and physical health, new fun friends and the pride and excitement of seeing yourself improve as you continue to learn new dances.

So let us help you put the fun back into your “school year, learn dance today! Call one of our two twin cities locations, Edina/Minneapolis at 612-920-1900 or St. Paul at 615-227-3200.

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