Group Dance Lesson
If you’re just entering the world of dance and looking to develop and refine your moves, the Arthur Murray studios of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota have a lot to offer. Our professional dance instructors are well-versed in a variety of different dance styles, from the rumba and cha-cha to the quick step and waltz, so you’ll always be learning something new. Start your journey by enrolling in group dance lessons at your nearest Arthur Murray dance studio.

Benefits of Group Dance Lessons

Group classes at Arthur Murray Dance Centers offer a number of benefits for introductory and social dancers alike. No matter your age or skill level, we’ll find a suitable group for you to join led by one of our professional dance instructors.

One of the many benefits of enrolling in group dance classes is that you have the opportunity to socialize with other members of your community. By dancing with one another, you are learning and growing as a team, developing your skills and mastering moves at a similar pace. You’ll also be able to form new friendships with your classmates while dancing in a fun, relaxed environment. Our group classes usually range from 10 to 20 students, so you’ll also get the chance to dance with a variety of different partners as you learn new dance styles.

Because our classes our smaller, you also benefit from our personalized method to teaching each dance style. Whereas it can be difficult to keep up in larger classes, we start by teaching everyone the basic steps to a dance before moving on to more complicated routines. That way, every dancer is on the same page and is dancing at a similar skill level.

Learn the Moves

With all of our group lessons, our instructors start off by teaching you basic technique, style and pattern variations in a dance. Laying a foundation of rudimentary dance steps makes it easier to learn the more complicated moves as you continue to attend group lessons. Attending as many group classes as you can is the key to perfecting your skills. To help you plan ahead, your instructor will provide a calendar detailing when different group lessons are and might even recommend which you should attend for your learning level.

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Get ready to move and groove alongside other dancers when you enroll in dance lessons at one of the Twin Cities Arthur Murray studios in Minnesota. Learn more about our group dance classes when you contact us today.