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Happy Birthday Arthur Murray!

It all began with a man who had a plan and a desire to dance! His name? Arthur Murray. Arthur Murray was perhaps the most iconic American symbol of entrepreneurial success and of course, Ballroom Dance. The name itself Arthur Murray is synonymous with dance. Arthur Murray truly epitomizes what dance is all about; fun, romance, confidence and good health! April marks the month of Arthur Murray’s birthday. He was born on April 4th, 1895. Therefore, this month, we happily celebrate his legacy!  Happy Birthday Arthur Murray! Did you know that Arthur Murray was the second Franchise in the US with the first dance studio opening in 1912, which means Arthur Murray has been teaching the world to dance for well over 100 years! Arthur Murray Literally Dances around the World Ballroom Dance will take you to bucket list places you have always dreamed about.  Arthur Murray Dance Centers are known around the world as a prominent entertainment company with franchises located throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Europe, the Middle East, Japan, Africa and Australia. Social dancing is a significant part of popular culture for all generations, because of its many physical and mental benefits.  Thanks to Arthur Murray the tradition continues! Arthur Murray on the Big Screen Did you also know that Arthur Murray dance teachers can be found not only in the studios, but on the movie sets in Hollywood? That’s right you will find them backstage on Broadway; and in partnership with major entertainers. Whenever a movie involves dance, it’s a good bet that Arthur Murray Dance Centers has been involved in some way, shape or form. Such movies as Dirty Dancing, Dance with Me, Beauty and the Beast, Flash Dance, An American President, True Lies, Saturday Night Fever and Scent of a Woman are some of the films which have used Arthur Murray Dance Centers's instructors to either teach a dance to the stars and/or dance in the film. Mark the date Discover the fun of dance and help us celebrate Arthur Murray’s legacy and birthday at our Twin Cities Arthur Murray guest party this coming Tuesday, April 3rd! We will host a Arthur Murray Birthday party at both Twin Cities locations.The fun starts at 8:15pm. So bring a friend and join the party! Help us say "happy birthday Arthur Murray" and find out more about us! Discover the joy of Ballroom Dance!    

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