I have been a student at the Arthur Murray studio in Minneapolis since 2007. The instruction I receive from the staff is very professional and tailored to my learning style. I am encouraged to go beyond my current level to learn increasingly more difficult figures and expand my repertoire.

The results produced by this studio are amazing. I am steadily progressing towards the end of my Bronze II program and looking forward to Bronze III, I will be participating in my first competition in December and I have lost more than 20 pounds. The most important result is that these fine people helped save my life (though they may not know it until reading this testimonial).
This summer I suffered a debilitating depression episode that ended in hospitalization. Throughout this period, I rarely missed a dance lesson and I believe that the encouragement I received and sense of accomplishment that I felt while dancing was my lifeline. I did not feel totally hopeless, even during my darkest moments, because dance was a part of my life. Dancing at Arthur Murray will continue to be a major contributor to my disease management program.

Thank you, Minneapolis Arthur Murray, staff and students, for being a part of my life.

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