If you asked a number of persons to name one way to improve their life, you’d get a number of different answers. And eighteen months ago, if you’d asked me that question, I probably wouldn’t have initially said “take dance lessons”. It just wouldn’t have been the first thing came to my mind. There I was, a 34 year old single guy who was relatively happy with his life but nonetheless feeling a little unsure of where I wanted my life to go. Kind of like Tom Hanks in the end of “Castaway” standing in the middle of the four way stop out in the country, thinking “now that I’ve made it here, where shall I go?”.

After some thought, the answer came to me: become an International Man of Mystery. But how to do that? Buy a tuxedo? Okay, that I could do. Engage in high stakes foreign affairs while simultaneously romancing women of intrigue in exotic ports of call? Well, I could buy the tuxedo. Be able to dance as the need arose? Okay, this would be a problem, considering I couldn’t even do the Electric Slide. But it seemed like a good starting place on the path to suave sophistication and increased confidence and competence in social settings. One call to the Arthur Murray Dance Studio and my adventure began.

After 14 months of attending classes at the Studio, I can say that this was one of the best decisions I ever made. The staff of professionals create an atmosphere of warmth, support, playfulness and a passion for life. Truly a positive environment to take a break from all your worries. They will tailor the lessons to meet your needs, whether you want to focus on one style of dance or eleven. They will applaud your every success, and delight in your progress. They offer many opportunities for you to practice and/or perform and showcase your new skills. They’ll be your biggest fans, and will help you surpass your own expectations.

I consider myself truly fortunate to have come to know both the staff and the students here. Life at its best is a collector of positive and rewarding experiences, and they definitely have provided me with many. So, if you’re looking to introduce or add to a new dimension to your life, consider checking them out. In a single lesson you can experience exercise, camaraderie, enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment while among friends. And on top of that, they’ll even teach you how to dance. That’s what I call a good deal!

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