Ladies Dancing



Do you have a passion for dance, or do you just want to see what you’re made of? At Twin Cities Arthur Murray, we cater to dancers of all ages and skill sets, even those who are just starting out. If you’re ready to test your skills, practice your dance moves and get out on the dance floor, check out our New Student Offer. After your first lesson, you might just be hooked.

Our New Student Offer

As a part of the New Student Offer at Twin Cities Arthur Murray, you’ll receive one dance lesson in addition to a dance consultation for the price of $35. During your initial consultation, we’ll learn more about your experience as a dancer – whether you grew up on the dance floor or have two left feet – and further evaluate your skills before recommending the classes you should take. We’ll also discuss what you’d like to achieve as a dancer, such as if you’re doing it for fun, to lose weight, to become an expert or for another reason.

During the dance lesson, which is included in the New Student Offer, one of our professional dance instructors will get your body moving and grooving to the beat. You might even surprise yourself to see what dance moves you’re capable of performing. After the lesson, we’d love for you to sign up for more classes to continue your journey as a dancer at Twin Cities Arthur Murray.

What Else We Offer

If you decide to enroll in classes, there are so many different opportunities for you to develop and grow as a dancer and as a person, too. Our professional instructors teach a wide variety of dance styles, from the foxtrot and the waltz to the rumba and the cha-cha. Plus, you can choose from different types of classes, including private lessons, group lessons, wedding dance lessons and more.

Learn How to Dance at Twin Cities Arthur Murray

Test your dance skills with the New Student Offer from Twin Cities Arthur Murray. Choose from our studios in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and then make the call to schedule your first dance lesson. For more information about the New Student Offer or the dances we teach, contact us today.