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From beginners to experts and every dancer in between, private dance lessons at Twin Cities Arthur Murray help dancers develop and hone their skills to achieve their goals. No matter what skill level you’re dancing at, we offer specialized lesson plans and a selection of dance styles to help you become a better dancer. Enroll in classes with our professional dance instructors and begin reaping the benefits from your first lesson. 

Personalized Attention

Arrive for your private dance lesson at Twin Cities Arthur Murray and work with a professional dance instructor in a one-on-one setting. Your instructor will provide the personalized attention you need to progress and grow as a dancer and give you their complete and full attention.

Dancing with a personal instructor by your side also makes it easy to confront any difficulties you’re experiencing, from step patterns and footwork to style and timing. Your instructor is right there for you to answer any questions or to clarify any dance move as you perform the routine. Plus, whether you’re taking longer to master a dance or you’re progressing at a fast pace, your instructor can adjust the lesson plan to accommodate your development as a dancer.

Because every lesson is based around your personal preferences, you also have the ability to choose the dance you’d like to learn. We teach a variety of dance styles at Twin Cities Arthur Murray, including the foxtrot, cha-cha, waltz, swing, samba and more.

Special Accommodations

Besides offering specialized attention, private dance lessons can be suitable for dancers who have specific needs and goals. People who deal with social anxiety might find the larger crowds of group dance lessons overwhelming, and beginners might be embarrassed to perform in front of other dancers. In either of these cases, private lessons offer space for dancers to feel comfortable, so they can learn and grow at their own pace.

Private lessons also benefit dancers who juggle a busy schedule. Whereas you might not be able to attend classes with set times, you can schedule your private lessons for days and hours that work for you. 

Whether you’re a novice dancer looking to learn new moves or a pro who wants polish their skills, private dance lessons offer benefits to all dancers. Contact Twin Cities Arthur Murray to sign up for private lessons today. We have locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN to better accommodate your needs.

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