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Dance Instructor With Couple Dancing along with how-to videos online is one way to learn the steps to a new dance style. A better way is to enroll in private dance lessons at your nearest Arthur Murray dance studio. At our locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, you can meet with one of our professionally trained dance instructors for private, in-depth dance classes. Develop your moves as a social dancer or prepare for an upcoming dance competition when you sign up for private lessons at Twin Cities Arthur Murray. The Advantages of Private Lessons There are a number of reasons why you’d want to enroll in private dance lessons at Twin Cities Arthur Murray. You might be an introductory dancer who wants to master a specific style or a dancer with experience looking to learn a different move. Whatever your reasoning, private dance lessons with a talented dance instructor offer a variety of benefits. During a one-on-one dance lesson, you’ll have the full attention of your instructor. As you dance, they can provide the personalized attention you need to master each step, develop your skills and achieve your goals as a dancer. Whether your technique needs work, you need to practice the dance steps or you’re progressing faster than you thought, your instructor is focused on your improvement, rather than the improvement of an entire class of students. And if you’re having trouble grasping a dance move, the instructor is right by your side to help you get it down. With private dance lessons, you also have the ability to fit the classes around your busy schedule. Whereas other dance classes might be inconvenient for you to attend, your private lessons are catered to your lifestyle. That way, you don’t miss classes unless you have to, allowing you to dance more routinely and grasp each routine quicker. Our Dance Style Options When you sign up for private lessons, you can choose from a wide variety of dance styles. Before you know it, you’ll be dancing like a pro. Some of our dances include:
  • Cha-cha
  • Foxtrot
  • Jive
  • Mambo
  • Merengue
  • Quickstep
  • Rumba
  • Samba
  • Swing
  • Tango
  • Viennese waltz
  • Waltz
Enroll in Private Dance Lessons Dance one-on-one with some of the best dance instructors in the area at Twin Cities Arthur Murray. Sign up for private dance lessons at our Minneapolis or St. Paul, Minnesota dance studios by contacting us today.

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