Couple Dancing
Whether you’re twirling in the kitchen or making a statement on the dance floor, dancing with your partner can be a sensual and intimate experience. And at Twin Cities Arthur Murray, our professional dance instructors can teach you how to properly execute every romantic move with our ballroom dance lessons. Surprise your partner with your new dance moves, or bring them along for a lesson, so you can learn together.

Styles of Romantic Dances

Experience a new side of your relationship when you sign up for dance lessons at Twin Cities Arthur Murray. Depending on the rhythm and beat you’re feeling, we offer a variety of different dance styles that’ll bring out the romantic in you and maybe even add a little spice to your love life. Regardless of your age or skill level, we’ll give you the tools to become a romantic dancer that’ll wow your partner. Some of the romantic dances we offer at Twin Cities Arthur Murray include:

  • Rumba: A Latin American dance, the rumba brings you and your partner close together with slow and sensual hip and leg movements. Sway with your partner to a slow, relaxed song and feel the rhythm as you dance in a slow-quick-quick sequence.
  • Tango: Commonly referred to as a “dance of passion,” the tango brings fire, intensity and desire to the dance floor. Our dance instructors will teach you how to lead and follow using your chest and upper thigh and how use your hips to move and dip your partner. Not only will you learn about the moves, but also how to tell a passionate love story through dance.
  • Waltz: A popular dance for weddings and special events, the waltz is a classically romantic dance style that feels slow, graceful and dreamy. Sway, rise and fall with your partner as you move across the dance floor in each other’s arms to an easy, three-beat count sequence.

Enroll in Lessons

At Twin Cities Arthur Murray, sign up for private or group lessons to learn the moves to some of the most romantic dances. Make the experience even more special when you bring your partner along for the lesson, too. Enroll today by contacting your nearest Twin Cities Arthur Murray dance studio.