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Rubber Gym FlooringRubber, which has been used for close to one thousand years, comes from the rubber tree or Hevea brasiliensis. It is said to have originated in Brazil (hence, the scientific name). From there it was introduced to countries of the Far East such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma, Cambodia, China, and Vietnam.
 During World War II, Europe and the United States were not able to obtain natural rubber from these nations. Desperately needing rubber for the war effort, they were forced to develop new forms of synthetic rubber, and although natural rubber still comes from The Far East, Russia, France, Germany and the United States have become the worlds leading producers of synthetic rubber.

So, whether you are building a home gym, a martial arts studio, playroom or covering the floor of your garage, rubber gym flooring is the way to go. The possibilities are endless because it can be used in basements, dog kennels, mud rooms, even for outdoor use.
Rubber is extremely durable. The majority of our mats are ¾” thick and able to hold large exercise equipment as well as heavyweights, yet in the martial arts studio it is soft enough and supplies plenty of shock absorption to take the “sting” out of takedowns. Rubber does not become slippery when wet, so you won’t have to worry about sweat on the mat.

If it is being used as flooring in a garage, it is easy to clean up… just wipe it with a mild cleanser, and you’re good to go. And when you drop a heavy tool, instead of a loud crash, there will be a soft less irritating “thump” sound. And in the playroom, with the kids running around, it certainly reduces the risk of injuries.
Rubber is perfect for a gym of any kind. An excellent choice for weight lifting, cardio exercises, stretching and more. In a commercial atmosphere such as a gymnastics studio, it is perfect for floor exercises and can be piled up underneath the equipment to better cushion the many falls of budding gymnasts.  
Black rubber mats are very professional looking and remain that way because they are not prone to punctures, tears, and scratches like foam matting.
Heavy, durable, but still amazingly easy to install, just lay the pieces down, side by side, and if necessary, they can be cut to size with a box cutter or Sawzall.
And for the folks that are concerned about the environment, rubber is recycled, and therefore you will be doing your part in the “Keep the Planet Green” campaign. And, let’s face it, with the state of our world today, every little bit helps. So, the power of rubber… durable yet pliable. Strong and long-lasting, shock absorbent, easy to keep clean, and good for sound reduction. For a gym or studio, playroom or garage, rubber gym flooring is probably the best choice all around
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