Rumba Dance Lesson - Minneapolis, MN - Twin Cities Arthur Murray

Dazzle on the dance when you master the art of rumba ballroom. Learning this dance style will give you the necessary confidence to partner with anyone at nightclubs or special occasions. Here’s what you should know about this ballroom sensation.

Its Origins

This dance originated in the 16th century in the West Indies. It was influenced by African folk dancing, which is evident in the feisty partnered dancing you see today. It later evolved throughout the Naningo, Son, Guagira, Danzon, and Guaracha Cuban islands. The American rendition of this was derived from the bolero.

Dancing the Rumba

The basic motion here is slow-quick-quick, and partners are joined via a standard framed embrace. The slow part comprises two beats, and the quick beat is a single count. Our qualified instructors will teach you the basic, or box step. Remember to alternate your weight on each foot regularly.

We’ll also teach you how to do crossover breaks. This enables couples to open up to the right and left, before creating a crossover with their outstretched arms. Your basic side step would include six moves. You’ll commence by stepping sideways, lifting your leg, and then alternating your weight. Repeat, and voila; you’ve just conquered your very own rendition.

Intoxicating Beats

This dance would not be complete without its complementary rhythms. Tempos here are somewhat dreamy, and packed with emotion. Traditionally a wedding dance, this music sets the scene for a soothing romantic ambience. Dance to your favorite turns to 28 measures per minute. Or move in 4/4 time sequences of up to 23 measures per minute.

You may already have your favorite music for this dance. If not, you could choose “Slow Rumba” by Mario Burger, or even Norah Jones’ “Don’t Know Why.” Popular instruments here are the drums, maracas, and the piano.

Dance Apparel

This dramatic dance is best performed in our studios when you are comfortable. However, you may want to jazz it up when you’re attending a special event, or dancing competitively.

Dazzle by draping a long flowing, boldly-colored dress to your ankles. Alternatively, drape a shimmering shorter dress to, or just above your knees. Men usually wear long black pants, with a flashy dress shirt. Ballroom Cuban heels are ideal for the ladies, and gentlemen can strut their stuff in Latin dance shoes. Schedule your sample dance lesson with us today.