Ladies Smiling And Dancing
At the Twin Cities Arthur Murray dance studios in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, we offer different types of dance lessons that cater to the goals of every dancer. If you’re looking to have fun on the dance floor in a relaxed social environment, our group dance lessons might be the right choice for you.

In addition to learning some new dance moves, group dance lessons are highly beneficial in many other ways. Learn about the most prominent benefits of group dancing, and then reach out to Twin Cities Arthur Murray to enroll today.

Social Atmosphere

During our group dance lessons, you’ll have the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Socialization is one of the most important aspects of our group dance lessons, where dancers are able to bond and have fun with one another. Our group lessons are also fun because you can bring friends and family along, too. We want our classes to be an activity that our students look forward to every week, not just because they’re learning new dance moves, but because they get to socialize with their dance friends.

Learning as a Group

It’s one thing to learn a dance one-on-one with a dance instructor, but often the idea can be intimidating to beginners. At our group dance lessons, students are able to learn from the instructor while also learning from one another. Dancers can practice their moves with different partners, and review techniques and step sequences by watching other dancers. Our group lessons create an atmosphere where students are able to help one another and work to develop their dance moves as a team.

Other Benefits

In addition to having fun and dancing with your friends, you’ll benefit from our group lessons in other ways. Dancing in itself offers a range of health benefits, from stress relief to weight loss and more. Our group lessons are also often more inexpensive than private dance classes, plus we offer a diverse itinerary of lessons that you can pick and choose to attend depending on your skill level or simply based on the night of the week.

Enroll in Group Dance Lessons

Sign up for group dance lessons at Twin Cities Arthur Murray and begin reaping the benefits as you develop and grow as a dancer. Contact your nearest Arthur Murray dance studio in Minneapolis or St. Paul, MN today.

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