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Dancing has many health benefits and is becoming an excellent way for people to stay active. The traditional attitude towards dance lessons has shifted from formal to social, and people of all ages are taking advantage of St. Paul dance lessons for many reasons. Arthur Murray Dance Centers are open in both Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota for anyone curious about dance lessons.

Building endorphins

Doctors and fitness coaches all recommend daily exercise, suggesting that it can help people deal with stress, anxiety, and depression. Dancing has become a great way to engage in a whole-body workout that’s fun and social. When you sign up for dance lessons in St. Paul, you’ll be getting more than just exercise. With us, you’ll be able to engage in group lessons, make new friends, and spread endorphins while learning to dance. Since dancing is an exercise, and exercise gives you endorphins, it’s a great way to deal with all the stressful events going on in your life or to give your mood a boost. Learning to dance can also provide you with confidence that you won’t make a fool of yourself at the next wedding you attend.

Benefit your brain

Most people don’t think about the health benefits that dancing has on the brain, but since the activity requires mental, physical, emotional, and social skills, your brain benefits significantly from each dance lesson. Cognitive abilities increase when dancing because your mind is forced to multi-task and think about several different tasks at once. Over time and with several dance lessons, you’ll also develop muscle memory, all while having a good time!

Why dance?

Not only does dancing positively affect your brain, but it’s also a great way to build muscle strength, lose weight, and express yourself in an emotional and healthy way. Dancing gives you energy and helps keep you calm when life seems to be too much. Learning a formal dance by attending classes in a St. Paul dance studio will undoubtedly make you unique among your circle of friends. If you’re looking for a new group activity, consider bringing your friends along with you for some group classes.

Dancing vs. Running: Which one is right for you?

Dancing and running have been compared to one another for quite some time. Both of these exercises increase stamina, endurance, and strength while burning calories at a high rate. With the right music, the right steps and the right St. Paul dance studio and instructor, some can quickly burn up to 400 calories in a one-hour dance session. If you take lessons on a regular basis, you’ll see weight-loss results in no time. Running has the same effect on the body, but it’s vital to keep tempo, level of difficult and sprinting intervals in mind. Dancing gives you all of this without much thinking or timing.

Take the next step in with your health care and find a St. Paul dance studio that you can trust. Signing up for classes at an Arthur Murray Dance Centers is a great place to start.

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