• Arthur Murray MN

    ~Anna C.

    As a former figure skater, I have always been an active person. However, a figure skater’s career is very short-lived and so I was too old at 18 years of age to continue competing. I made the Gopher Hockey Cheerleading team at the U of MN and thoroughly enjoyed that experience.

    I became very ill during my sophomore year. Upon being hospitalized after spiking 104 degree temperatures, I learned my exhaustion, that I had been feeling for some time was actually due to living with a hemoglobin of 4 (normal healthy people have around 7-8) and should be in a coma. After several more flares, hospitalizations, and near kidney failure, I was diagnosed with Renal Lupus in July 2005. I am able to keep my condition in remission with chemotherapy infusions.

    I was able to re-enroll at the University of St. Thomas and complete my Bachelor’s degree. A few months into my Master’s program, I was itching to get back into skating or some other form of exercise. However, my diagnosis severely hindered my endurance, so I was unable to continue skating. I have always loved watching the PBS ballroom dance specials and was itching to try ballroom, so I made the call of a lifetime to Arthur Murray dance studio in October 2007.

    At first, I just sought out dance as form of exercise to replace skating. I didn’t realize how amazing the staff and students would be. I am very thankful for the great friendships I have made during my time here. In addition, my love for competing has re-emerged, and I have been able to compete in two NorthStar Dance-o-Ramas so far. My teachers have really helped me get to where I am today, always encouraging and offering great instruction.

    Dancing has changed my life in so many ways. I have been able to bring in many of my family, friends, and colleagues so they can enjoy it for themselves. What started out as a side hobby has become an important part of my life.

    Dancing is a great way to meet wonderful people, make lasting friendships, push my boundaries to improve my technical and artistic skills, and get great exercise all the while doing it. I can honestly say I’m a dancer for life.

    Thanks for everything Arthur Murray!

  • Arthur Murray MN

    Donna H.

    Dance has been a part of my life on and off (mostly off) since age 4. My minimal ballroom dance experience was many years ago, but I remember clearly the happiness I felt when dancing.

    After thinking about it more seriously the last few years, and with the encouragement of my friends Lucy and Randy, who are students at Arthur Murray’s, I signed up. Originally my goal was simple: learn Salsa so I could dance socially. But my instructor, Alex, had other plans. With his guidance I realized I could do so much more. His enthusiasm when I get a step right is contagious, and the slight raise of his right eyebrow and half-smile are all I need to know I can do better.

    I enjoy all the benefits of dancing, exercising, socialization, having a creative outlet and wearing fabulous shoes. But for me the main reason is the sheer joy, the high that I feel when the music starts and I walk out onto the dance floor. Those moments when I feel one with the music, the dance, and my partner are magical. Thank you, Arthur Murray, Alex and all the professional instructors for reawakening that happiness I felt years ago while dancing.