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Dancing: The Ideal Exercise

Couples Learned to Dance at Arthur MurrayExercising by jogging (outdoors or on a treadmill) is an unattractive alternative for many people. Dancing is a mild form of aerobic workout and dance lessons make exercise a fun and enjoyable social event any night of the week. Your “dance workout” is beneficial in many ways:

  • Olympic athletes often include dance in their training to sharpen control, agility, speed, and balance.
  • Dance contributes to good posture and body alignment.
  • Dance encourages gentle stretching.
  • Dance increases your flexibility and stamina.
  • Dance benefits your cardiovascular system as you swing and sway from hips to shoulders.

The romantic properties of dance are a secret that all good dancers enjoy:

Various Couples Learned Dances at Arthur Murray

  • Men feel confident when they recognize which dance is being played and have the ability to walk across the dance floor and ask a lady to dance.
  • Women will enjoy being asked to dance knowing that they have mastered the grace, poise, styling, and important following skills of a trained dancer.
  • Couples can add the romantic skills that come with the holding, touching, and moving to the music that dancing provides.
  • Single people can meet new friends as dancing provides a natural ice breaker and becomes a common denominator in any crowd.
  • A tailored program at the Arthur Murray Dance Centers is all you need to turn your dancing and your romantic life around.

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