When it comes to your wedding day there are lots of fun decisions to make.  So when you begin the planning process be sure to add wedding dance lessons to your list! The wedding dance is your unique debut as a newly wed couple. What better way to celebrate your special day then with your own wedding dance?  Here are three fun and easy dances to learn for your wedding day.

The Waltz

The romantic waltz has always been cherished as a timeless wedding day classic. Because it is traditional, elegant, and intimate it is a favorite for formal receptions. Another reason the Waltz is popular is because it is easy to learn and perform. You and your partner can gracefully dance this one to your favorite romantic song. All eyes will be on you as you sway, rise and fall in perfect unison with your partner across the dance floor.

The Foxtrot

The slow foxtrot is a favorite among many ballroom dancers. It is a smooth, progressive dance characterized by long, continuous flowing movements across the floor. Once you learn the foxtrot you and your partner will really feel like dancers. The quicker version of the foxtrot developed into the quickstep, leaving the slow foxtrot with the name of foxtrot. The Foxtrot is a beautiful, romantic dance composed of fairly simple walking steps and side steps.


Every couple has their own style and a different message to convey.   If you want to spice things up a bit and are looking for a more energetic party-style dance consider the sizzling salsa. The sway and swing is sure to impress your guests and get everyone up and out on the dance floor.

At Twin Cities Arthur Murray we will help you personalize your ideal dance.   We’ll introduce you to the most popular dance styles on your first lesson, and suggest other types too. Therefore, you can bring your own music or we can help you select the right songs.

Consequently, with all your planning and possible last-minute contingencies, it’s important that you schedule your dance lessons months in advance. Therefore we recommend your begin you lessons four-to six-months prior to your wedding day.

So make it memorable and put your best feet forward for all to see and show off your love for one another through the beauty and joy of dance!

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Best wishes on your special day!

The Team at Twin Cities Arthur Murray




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