Couples Ballroom Dancing
As one of the most basic and underrated styles of ballroom dance, the foxtrot is known for its sweeping movements and smooth gliding motion. The foxtrot is one of the many dance styles our professional instructors teach at Twin Cities Arthur Murray, and it’s a great dance to learn as a foundation before moving onto more complex routines like the swing, quickstep and waltz. What should you keep in mind when learning the foxtrot? Check out these tips and become a more confident foxtrot dancer in no time.

Properly Prepare

As with almost every ballroom dance, you want to be prepared to run through the steps at your dance lesson. Wearing loose-fitting clothing and appropriate footwear will keep you comfortable as you complete step sequences and move around the floor with your partner. Cramped footwear often results in painful blisters, and tight clothing can leave you feeling awkward as you dance. You don’t want to spend your lesson focused on your unbearable outfit when you could be learning the foxtrot.

Master the Basics

Though the foxtrot does involve basic step sequences and patterns, it can be difficult for beginners to grasp. Unlike other styles of ballroom dance that involve snappy footwork and lots of hip action, the foxtrot revolves around the key components of leading and following. As one partner moves their foot forward to lead, the other partner matches the movement by going backward.

Consistently leading and following can be hard to master without staring down at your feet, which often leads to one partner squashing another partner’s foot. A trick to learning foxtrot essentially involves patience. Once you and your partner are able to lead and follow as you move across the dance floor, you’ll be able to add more complicated dance moves into the mix.

Stick With It

At first, learning the foxtrot can seem tedious. But after you get past the basics, your feet will be ready to learn some pretty exciting moves. With your partner, you’ll learn how to twirl, kick and slide across the floor in an elegant, romantic fashion. Aside from looking beautiful, the dance also helps you maintain good posture and a strong form throughout each move, improving your style as a ballroom dancer overall.

Whether you’re looking to master a new dance or just want to have some fun, the foxtrot is a great dance style to start with. Sign up for dance lessons to learn the foxtrot at Twin Cities Arthur Murray. Contact your nearest dance studio to enroll in classes today.