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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of dance? Romance? Exercise? Socialization? When it comes to dance there are countless reason to take a ballroom dance lesson! Here’s a list of twelve benefits of dance! You are sure to find a benefit ( or several) that resonates with you!

1. Confidence
Confidence is like a muscle, therefore you’ve got to challenge it to create growth.  Whether it is the first step you take through the front door, or the first step toward another dancer while in dance frame – you are challenging yourself and therefore building your confidence.

2. Weight Loss
Ballroom Dancing is fun exercise and easy to learn!  Fun exercise is something you’re more likely to do over longer periods of time because you don’t put it in the “treadmill category”.  You can burn up to 400 calories per lesson, and chances are, you’ll dance more than that because, you know… it’s fun.

3. More Grace and Poise
“You look like a dancer.”  At some point, on a magical day, without any prompting, someone will approach you and say those wonderful words after you’ve put some time into your hobby.  What they are noticing, is your grace and poise.

4. Brain Health
Ballroom dancing is the number one activity to enhance brain health – even better than sudoku and crossword puzzles.  It’s physical, creative, social, and gives your brain an all around workout.
[Read more about the links between Social Dancing and Brain Health

5. Wedding Survival
Whether it is your wedding, your son or daughter’s wedding, or your sister’s best friend’s cousin’s wedding – dance lessons can take you from forgetful to legendary in just a few lessons.

6. Improved Posture and Spine Health
There are countless Arthur Murray stories of students that shocked their physicians after taking dance lessons.  With good posture being such an important aspect to good dancing, you won’t just look taller, but you’ll feel great too.

7.  Improved Social Skills
Social confidence just isn’t what it used to be.  As the world around us becomes increasingly digital, having real life interpersonal skills face to face becomes a premium. Dancing does that.

8. Stress Reduction
Physical activity reduces stress. Listening to music reduces stress.  So what if you could combine those two things together?

9.  Ignite your Romance with Dance
How predictable are your date nights?  Swapping out a movie for a Tango lesson could immediately take an average date and make it mysterious and legendary.

10.  More Fun and Enjoyment in Social Life
Having a skill like social dancing opens up a wide variety of options that may never have been considered beforehand.  Whether it’s a Salsa night on a Wednesday, an Arthur Murray Practice Party on a Friday, and Swing on a Sunday-as a result your social calendar won’t be the same after dancing.

11.  A Community
There aren’t many places quite like the TV show Cheers anymore.  That is, until you start taking lessons at Arthur Murray.  Within a few lessons, you will have met all of the staff, a bunch of students, and, before long, you’ll be a part of the most wonderful, happy, and occasionally crazy, dance community.
Where people of all backgrounds connect, share, and support each others dance journey.

12.  Personal Achievement
Sometimes there are people that, deep down, have always loved the idea of becoming a dancer, but they don;t get started because life just got in the way.  Therefore, learning to dance, if anything else, is a chance to feel a sense of achievement.  There too many people in the world that are convinced that they could never learn to dance, so walking through the door to your first lesson is a big deal.

Final Thought
It’s by design, it’s why the company has been around over 100 years, and why people have said time and again that Arthur Murray has changed their life. Everyone’s motivations are unique which is why we came up with a list of twelve benefits of dance.
You see, in conclusion, people come for the dancing, but they stay for the benefits, which are almost too many to count.
Still considering that first dance lesson? With these twelve benefits of dance you are sure to find one or more that resonates with you! Ideally we recommend that you take a free trial lesson to start. You’ll be dancing within 5 minutes of arriving, and you’re under no obligation to continue if it’s not your thing.

We have two Twin Cities locations Edina/Minneapolis 612-920-1900 and St. Paul 651-227-3200. Call today and be dancing tonight!

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