There are endless reasons why we love to dance. Many people cannot help but move their bodies when they hear a beautiful melody, a drumbeat, or a certain song. Others may be inspired because dance is a way of connecting with their cultural heritage or country of origin. Some are drawn to the wonderfully social aspect of dance. Whatever the reason, dance is one of the most natural activities in life and, luckily for us, it’s not going away any time soon. Dancing is like breathing, sleeping or eating … it’s an instinct and a necessity!

When we dance—be it social, cultural, theatrical or improvisational—we have a chance to connect with others on a more intimate and personal level. Dancing allows us to let our bodies and eyes speak for our souls. Body language is perhaps the most honest and expressive form of communication, and we find it in its most natural form through dance.

Another reason we love dance is because it is universal. It’s a primal feeling, an urge, a surge of energy that we need to let go. Dance is a precious gift inherent in us all. It is for anyone from the newlyweds celebrating their love, to the mature couple reigniting the flame.

Dance is also for those who want to creatively express the artist within. There is a perfect dance out there for everyone; you just need to find it. Along the way, you will likely find a loving, supportive community of wonderful people!

Love to Dance!Unlike other forms of physical activity, when we begin to dance, it is difficult to stop. Why is that? Physical exertion releases positive endorphins that give us mental and physical stimulation. These mysterious chemicals may have been archived in our souls for years and they need to be released—through dance! When babies hear music, they often bounce along, in an instinctual expression of joy. Dancing allows us to tap into that feeling of pure happiness.

These are just a few of the reasons why we love to dance. The certified instructors at Arthur Murray can help you discover your unique style that will allow you to express yourself in your own way.

Arthur Murray Dance has two convenient locations in the Twin Cities: St. Paul on Selby & Dale (651-227-3200651-227-3200) and Edina on 50th & France (612-920-1900612-920-1900).

Make the call today, and you could be dancing tonight!

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