Your wedding dance will go viral. Will you be ready for it?
Imagine, you walk on to the dance floor together, hand in hand as your favorite song begins to play. Finally the day you’ve dreamed of is here! You get to take your first steps together as a newlywed couple. All eyes (and smartphones) will be on you as you take your first dance steps together for the world to see. It only happens once in a lifetime. Your first wedding dance: it will go viral. Will you be you ready for it?
Don’t stress about it, most couples do not know how to dance. The professional instructors at Twin Cities Arthur Murray can help you put your best feet forward ( and not on each others toes). You should feel completely confident as you present yourselves for the first time for all to see. Like your love, your wedding dance should be special. After all it is a promise you will dance together for the rest of your lives. Make your first wedding dance one you will be proud to watch and perform over and over for years to come with wedding dance lessons.

Our highly trained dance instructors at Arthur Murray will help you customize a wedding dance lesson plan just for you. They will make you look like you have been dancing for years!

Here are a few tips before you begin your wedding dance lessons:

Take the time to Learn to Dance: We recommend a four- to six-month jump start to your dance classes, especially if you and your partner are novices.
The professional dance instructors at Arthur Murray will help personalize your ideal dance, so feel free to bring your own music if you like. If not, no worries, they will introduce you to the most popular dance styles on your first lesson, and suggest other types too.
Be Patient: We understand that with great achievement comes patience, so don’t place too much pressure on each other. Instead, opt to use your wedding dance lesson as a date night.
Have Fun! Remember to have fun and leave the teaching to the professional instructors at Twin Cities Arthur Murray! You will want to be comfortable so wear shoes that are similar to the ones you’ll be wearing on your wedding. We recommend a dance lesson once a week. Try to keep you dance lessons close together as this will make it easier to learn and to retain information.
Choose the Wedding Dance style that best suits you.
The waltz has always been cherished as a timeless wedding day classic. It’s traditional, elegant, intimate and a favorite for formal receptions. The versatile foxtrot is perfect for romantic wedding tracks and many favorite romantic songs. You could try a more modern slow dance known as the night club two-step. You could also go with a sizzling party-style first dance like the salsa or the mambo which will be sure to get everyone else out on the dance floor!
So when if comes to your first wedding dance make it the best it can be and have fun!
Twin Cities Arthur Murray has two locations, St. Paul at Selby and Dale. 651-227-3200 and Edina/Minneapolis at 612-920-1900. Give yourselves the gift of dance for your wedding day. You will be so glad you did.

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